Suneet & Sukhi - Maiya, Mehndi, Sangeet, Chunni, Jaago...

on Friday, August 12, 2011

And what not! But let's start with the ladies' sangeet, always a joyous occasion full of singing and - of course - ladies:

 Singing leads to dancing or ... whatever this is:
 Suneet's sisters and cousins have a special performance for us:

 Dancing leads to jaago:
And jaago leads to party:

 Next day we start with Sukhi's maiya ceremony:
 This must be the rangoli with - how should I put this? - the most abstract design I've seen so far:
 I have no idea what Sukhi's mom is doing to him. The groom's family comes from Montreal, so probably it has something to do with that:

 As soon as I see the turmeric paste, I know what to expect:
 This hunting technique is millions of years old, since the age of Velociraptors: while an aunty distracts him on the right, the other one attacks from behind. There's no escape:

 Not sure if this is part of the ritual or the whole treatment made Sukhi hungry:
 Before he even leaves the room to go take a shower, his mother begins the seven steps over the rangoli:
 How clever! If you have a new house and want to keep it like that for a while, this is what you can do for the traditional hand prints on the wall:
 If you saw me lately at a wedding or two, I'm sure you noticed I'm in exceptional shape. By that I mean fat. But it's not my fault! This is what I have to deal with almost on daily basis this summer:
 As you can see, we're already at Suneet's, for her maiya ceremony. It starts with an ancient tradition where she holds a white plate, so the videographer can adjust his camera's white balance:
 Tanveer and Sabrina - sisters of the bride to be - are not married yet, so their dedication might turn against them in the future:
 The cousins go all the way:
Suneet's mom and one of her steps over the rangoli:
 Soon enough the mehndi commences:

 The following day we're back at the Mirage banquet hall for the chunni ceremony:
 Suneet and Sukhi really like these two pictures from their engagement session:
 There's lots of gifts:
 None of them for the groom to be:
 However, he receives lots of money, but he doesn't know what to do with it:
I would keep it, specially after the expenses required by this part:
 They can relax for a few minutes and enjoy the Punjabi dances:
 Awesome way to show appreciation:
 The guys must have realized this was a good way to make some money:
 Couple of the hour:
Got comfortable? You might wanna stick around for the story of the wedding day. There's time to make some roti, though.