Suneet & Sukhi Are Taking Care of Business. The Punjabi Way

on Sunday, August 14, 2011

But before that, Suneet is having a really good time with the talented Sonia Sajnani:
 Tanveer will get married soon and she wants us to be her photographers. I hope this picture is not going to make her change her mind:
 Final touches:
 And voila:
 In the same time I'm with Sukhi and he's having his morning power drink:

 His sister - Simi - is doing the sehra bandi:

 His aunty gives him the agenda with today's schedule, so he doesn't forget what he has to do:
 Leaving the house for the last time as a single man:
 Pretty much everything he does now is for the last time as a single man, including the Legends limo ride:
 And the horse back riding. The baarat arrives at the Singh Saba Gurdwara:

 Bella, the white mare, told me she was going to retire next year. Will miss her:
 Sukhi wants to check if he's in the right place:
 He sure is, because the milni starts soon:
 Inside the temple, the groom's sisters are reversing the sehra bandi process:
  I don't know what else to call the fact that they are taking off everything they put on his head at home:
 Finally, Suneet shows up:
 It would be kinda difficult to have a wedding ceremony without the bride:

The ragis sing compositions of Lavan for each time the couple goes around the altar of Guru Granth Sahib:
The second verse refers to the stage of desire and love for each other.

 The Sikh holy scripture is covered at the end of Anand Karaj - ceremony of bliss:
 Time to take care of business. I'm not sure why Sukhi takes one last look at Suneet before he signs the marriage certificate. I let you speculate:
 They share their first meal as a married couple. That's so sweet! Well, the food is mostly salty and greasy, but you know what I mean:
 I can't hide my excitement when I find out we're going to the Matrix Hotel for some pictures:
 Too much?

 Beautiful bouquet:
 But the bride doesn't need it anymore:
 We're back at Suneet's house and her mom is waiting for Sukhi to come and claim his wife:
 He's here and he brought his men:
 Suneet's sisters have a deal he can't refuse:
 Actually, he can and he does, but not without consequences:
 Eventually, the money shows up:
 And we go inside:
 Grandma is saying goodbye:

 Suneet is following her husband. She has to because he's still holding on to the chunni:
 All her stuff is packed and ready to join her:
 Her father knows she'll be in good hands:
 As they leave, Sukhi's dad showers them with money. It can't be for gas, cause they wouldn't go far on that:
Congratulations one more time, Suneet and Sukhi! We had a great few days with you and your families! So sorry we couldn't party with you in Montreal!