Alma & Turab - Walima Reception in Sherwood Park

on Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alma and Turab got married in Boston, where Alma is from, but the Walima reception takes place in Edmonton, where Turab is from. 
 There's enough time to put my camera to work:

When I feel uninspired, I stop being uninspired and be creative instead! True story:
 That's Alma's foot in that shoe and that's Turab's cell:
 I guess somebody's on the phone all the time and somebody else does not like it:
 Finally, I get my chance to go in the canola field with a bride and a groom:
 We have to fight the most vicious mosquitoes for it:
 But it's worth it:
 We don't want everybody to wait for us too long at the Festival Place, so we're on our way:
 The flower girls are inexperienced; probably because they are boys:
 These cakes made of cupcakes seem to be every where lately:
 The cutting ceremony involves the immediate family:
 That's around 50 people when you're talking about Pakistanis:
 For some reason, they all have to witness the ritual up close and personal:
 Then everybody feeds everybody the sweet stuff:
 The program kicks off remarkably with Punjabi dances:
 And continues the same way with Qumber, who came all the way from France to break dance for us:
  Mikha - Turab's nephew - has an obvious sense of style, but he's taking it a little too far with his interest in the bridal outfit:
 However, he dramatically influences what may become the rage in wedding fashion:
 Turab's mom was forced to raise her kids alone for the most part of their lives and she gets emotional during her speech:
 Her mood changes when the dance starts:
 There are noticeable improvements every minute:

 So happy to see old friends! Happy 1 year anniversary, Imran and Maria:

 Congratulations, Alma and Turab! Thank you so much for trusting us with your memories, specially that we met for the first time in this beautiful day!