Sham & Paul - Chronicles of Calgary: A Time to Love and a Time to Party

on Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where were we? Oh yeah, it's Friday morning and Sham is getting married today!

 Incredible detail in the bridal lengha:
 Paul is still in Red Deer, but we're glad to learn that he knows what day is today:

 Leaving her home for the last time as mommy and daddy's little girl:
 Paul makes it to the gurdwara on time:

 Nav and Jesse have the first dance:
 We stay outside for a fancy breakfast:
 Everybody gets to taste the miracle water:
 The nutritional facts are simply remarkable:
 The mango lassi is very popular, as well:
 Very, very popular:
 Time to go inside the temple:
 The wedding ceremony is to take place during the Anand Vela - early morning. This particular time of the day is said to express tranquility, peace and harmony:
 It's the smallest and most intimate gurdwara I've seen in Canada:

 Sham's father is handing over his daughter to the care of her husband:
 A moment very hard to watch for her mother:
 The fourth verse of Lavan talks about the stage of harmony and union. The bride and groom are completely identified with each other:
 After going around the Palanquin of Guru Granth Sahib four times, the couple is pronounced husband and wife:

 Before returning to Red Deer, Paul has to pick up something from Sham's house:
 It's not gonna be easy. There's always a misleading welcome sign:
 He's willing to pay:
 And even change his sport allegiance:
 He's obviously faking it:
 But the result is outstanding:
 The bride is departing in the palanquin carried by her brothers:
 That's pretty comfortable, but she would like a little more control:
 Thank you so much Calaway Park for quenching our thirst for action:

 Sham really feels adventurous:

 Saturday is reception day:
 Somebody lost the beard:

 Special gift for the new Mrs. Shaminder Cheema:

 The main banquet hall at Westin:
 You're looking at the works of Gaps:
 Turns out the elegant cake is made by Sham's cousin, Jessie:
 Let's get this party started:
 It almost hurts to ruin this piece of classic architecture:
 Kavan is back:
 And he's a hit every time:
 First dance:
 Love and happiness look so good:
Turn on the music:

 Kiran - Sham's older sister - is not married yet and she lives in California. But that's all I'm telling. I'm not gonna do all the work for you:

 The mothers-in-law - nobody dares to get in between them:

 Nice to meet you! The pleasure is - apparently - only mine:
 Raj, from A Love Story, is everywhere. I thought we were friends, but I was in shock to find out he was only using me as his bodyguard. Check his testimony:
 Vic scares me a little bit:
 But, in the same time, he loves me:
 I'm unavailable, so he quickly moves over to the next possible victim:
 While he's busy with that, Ioana is trying to hit on his girlfriend, Mandee:

 Gravity laws are ignored:
 This would have been an excellent tango, if it wasn't missing a female:
 On the other hand, the limbo is flawless:

I'm not sure what Sanj is doing, but Sham is very excited about the view:
 At one point I realize everybody is leaving for a few minutes and comes back revitalized and full of energy. I decide to follow them and that's when I discover the fountain of youth:
 When she's not drinking, Ioana is in charge with the photo booth:
 Give them the props and they will use them:

 Congratulations one more time, Shaminder and Paul! Thank you so much for our fantastic vacation in Calgary!