Samita & Amrit - A Series of Fortunate Events - The Big One

on Sunday, July 31, 2011

Before everyone else gets out of bed, Sonia Sajnani spends a few hours with the bride to be. You can't get this in 2 minutes:
Sam's family chooses a public limo:
Comes with a seat reserved for the bride:
Amrit's dad makes some fancy turbans:

Deep and Aman, Amrit's sisters, are simply fascinated:
His traditional churidars are back in fashion now:
The best man couldn't come to the temple with us because he was almost naked. We barely convinced him to wear his bow tie:
Before the bride and groom take their respective seats in front of the palki, a ceremonial sheet is laid down for them to sit on:

Everybody has to bow in front of the Guru Granth Sahib, including Ariya:
Also, just like everybody else, she must have her head covered. Luckily, she has lots of cousins and aunties to help her every step of the way:
The chaur is constantly waved over the holy scripture to signify it as the king:
Every round that the couple makes around Guru Granth Sahib is accompanied by a verse from Lavan:
The first one emphasizes the performance of duty to the family and the community:
Although he doesn't have one, Ishaan is doing his part:

The ceremony is concluded with the customary thanks giving Ardas. During this prayer everyone is standing up:
Let me rephrase that. Everybody should be standing up:
We take the bridal party and rush to the Art Gallery of Alberta for a few pictures. How cool is that we find  Andy Warhol's 'Silver Clouds' over there:
Well, it's pretty cool, but we can't stay too much because a nice lady kicks us out of the room....
My first ever mehndi on the bottom of the feet! Almost as cool as the 'Silver Clouds':
Things you can do in the Art Gallery:

Enough art for now; let's get back to action with Amrit and his parents trying to get his lawful bride:
Looks like I'm not the only one obsessed with Sam's mouth. This is actually part of the game where Amrit is supposed to guess which body part of the two belongs to his wife:
He's doing pretty good and he decides he has the right to go in:
Can't do it without proper payment, though. Money starts to come out. The color and shape check:
But the quantity is not satisfactory:
Finally, Pam - Samita's sister - is welcoming him with a buttery cookie. A little too much butter:
Ioana gets this awesome shot of the bride following her husband and leaving her parents:
And I got this shot where Sam says goodbye to her family, while Amrit waits in the car:
He assures his new wife he's going to take good care of her from now on: his house:
She brings wealth and prosperity by kicking a cup of rice at the entrance:
With the reception in the same day, Sam needs a makeover and Sonia reports for duty:

This is what I'm talking about:
Amrit is matching Sam's colors:
Even the cake at the hall gets the idea:
A fun speech is always a good speech:
Anu and Jerry come prepared just for that:

Must be tears of joy on Aman's face:
First dance of the evening:
It's a Punjabi party, so you know what follows:
DJ Shammi is spinning the bhangra with one hand better than others with three:
They all seem to agree:
(And I'm making rhymes for thee)

This is one of those pictures that are ... awesome:

Congratulations, guys! No wonder Amrit is crazy about Samita. Even my wife fell for her:
Thank you so much for everything! We had an amazing time!