PJ & Raminder - Once Upon a Time in Edmonton

on Thursday, June 30, 2011

There was a 3 day Punjabi wedding that started with the mehndi party:
 It's the first time this year when I meet Nusrat, the mehndi artist:

 Some Bollywood shots with a AnefBerlin touch:

 The next day is a bit more serious:
 Coins are placed under PJ's feet in the beginning of the maiya ceremony:
 The red string is a protective charm:

 PJ lost her mother to cancer 2 years ago, so her grandma is replacing her for all the rituals:
 Choora ceremony, right after the shower:

 After completion, every maternal uncle has to drink a glass of milk:
 I let PJ get some rest for tomorrow's big day and I make my way to Raminder's house for his maiya:
 He starts with a big smile on his face:
 And despite all odds, he continues the same way:
 Even when things are getting weird:
 Jaago aaya:
  I still don't know why that traditional Indian straw thing is massacred with that traditional Canadian ice scraper:
 But it's always a lot of fun:
 The night is short and the morning finds Ioana at PJ:
 She turns into a Punjabi princess with a little help from Sonia Sajnani:
 And her maids:

 After I drop Ioana off at PJ's, I hurry to the groom's house. Good thing I take the highway, otherwise I could have missed Raminder's morning snooze:
 He's up in no time:

 The Sehra Bandi ceremony is when ladies from the family pimp up the groom to be:
 I don't know all the jewelry and their significance (probably nobody knows), but at this point he might wear more than the bride:
 Mom is so proud of her son:
 The baraat is leaving the house:
 And arriving at the Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha:
 Where the milni is supposed to start:
 It's an extremely emotional day for Sunny, the bride's brother:
 Varinder, the groom's brother is trying to cheer him up:
 While hymns are sung by the ragis, a few good hundred people, including the groom and his family make their way inside:

 To be followed shortly by the bride and her family:

 Tears can't be stopped during the "Pallai Taiddai Laagee":
 But they can be wiped off later:
 It has been brought to my attention that not too many people know what the 4 lammas - rounds taken by the groom and bride around the Sri Guru Granth Sahib - mean. For now I'll tell you this: the four nuptial hymns of Lavan represent four stages of love and they were composed by Guru Ram Das - the Forth Guru - for his own wedding:

 Some bride's maids find the ceremony very entertaining, but I don't want to give names. Only pictures:
 A short photo shoot in the park. The limo is nice; not very clean, though:
 The 'walking and laughing like there's no photographer anywhere nearby' pic looks so natural every time:

 This is something I'm proud of! Not the shoes, the shot:
 This is one of the guys' idea! A creative bunch they are:
 But time is pressing us and we have to go, not before quickly snapping a few couple photos:

 Raminder arrives at his new wife's house for the doli:
 He's throwing everything he's got in the negotiations:
 Dancing required:
 PJ's guys are throwing everything they got as well, which is mostly silly string. If you can spot me hiding in here, means two things: you have good eyes and 2- I didn't take the picture. Ioana did:
 Finally, the payment is done:
 And Raminder is taking his bride for good:
 Groom's life is getting more complicated nowadays. First he has to pay to take his wife home and, when he makes it home, he has to pay because he brought her:
 The reception is in the same evening. This time Sunita Sumaru is giving us a completely different type of bride:
 Main lobby of Hotel Macdonald:
 No comment:
 I agree with the above speaker:

 The entrance at Maharaja Hall:
 Elaborate and very accurate slideshow:
 Amazing decor by Exquisite Affairs:
 Fun speeches:
 To the groom and bride:
 I'm not really old, but I wish I was younger, so I can join these guys:

 First dance:
 Ioana got a pretty angle, too:
 Switching partners:

 2 x Sunny:

 The third outfit of the day for PJ. Dad is so proud:

 Brothers always support each other:
 I think this image contains more alcohol than actual pixels, that's what makes it so fun:
 Congratulations, PJ and Raminder! Thank you so much for a great celebration!