Sonia & Pali - More Than a Spring Fling

on Tuesday, May 31, 2011

 I was really happy to meet and photograph Sonia and Pali for their engagement party, starting with a photoshoot.
 The wedding is going to be in 2013, and incredible enough, I'm already booked on that week!
 But let's enjoy the present times:
 I have to take a shot of Sonia by herself. Because:
 We are expecting rain, but rain comes only when you're not expecting it:
 Something to think about for the rest of the week:

 We make our way to the Palace Hall:
 Traditional gifts for the Takha ritual:
 The guests are welcomed by a sign in book and a framed picture that I have to admit I took. Please don't judge me; it was for a good cause - a charity photo shoot against domestic abuse:
 The bar is open:
 The ring ceremony is about to start and Sonia is taken to the stage by her father and brother:
 But Pali is almost too late and in danger of being replaced by a stronger suitor:
 Luckily for him, the rule "I saw her first" applies in situations like this:
 And he secures the deal:
 The Takha ceremony consists in giving and receiving of too many sweets:
 And never enough love:
 A short and heartfelt thank you speech:
 The party starts like a wild fire:

 And spreads the same way:
 Looks like Pali is challenging his future father in law to a dance off:
 That would have been a big mistake.
 Because Mr. Nijjar is a bhangra star:
 Like everybody else, more or less:

 Congratulations, Sonia and Pali! Thank you so much for a great time!
I'm really sorry I can't be your photographer in 2013!