Zaynab & Christian - African Wedding in Tanzania

on Friday, December 31, 2010

I didn't sleep more than 10 hours in the last 5 days, so this post is not gonna be all it can be, but hopefully you'll get the idea. It's my last wedding of 2010 and it's my first one on the great continent of Africa! To be more exact: Arusha, Tanzania:
On a clear day, you can actually see Mount Kilimanjaro from here, the tallest free standing mountain in the world.

Looks like it's going to be a big party:

If you spot a cane and a dress, you found the groom:

Musician Nelson Lyamuya is making the cocktail hour extremely enjoyable:

Everything is waiting for the bride:

And here she comes:

In her first outfit of the night - the traditional Somali dress:

This is the ''unpacking of something'' ritual, although you might have heard of it under different names:

It's done by an auntie and, if it takes less than 20 minute, you're doing it wrong:

The groom has the pleasure to discover what's inside:

More candies:

That they feed each other:

The grown ups have champagne:

The second first look in the same night:

Same couple, different clothes:

First dance:

The party is rockin' ... sort of speak:

We have live music, too:

These guys wanted an album cover:

The chicken must be part of the band. They wouldn't want a picture without it:

Christian's family brought some traditions from Europe:

They receive gifts from Zaynab's family:

The third and last dress of the night:

Congratulations, guys! Thank you so much for making me a part of your African wedding!



Have an awesome New Year's Eve and wonderful new year!

Made this one for myself earlier today. Probably too much for everyday wear but maybe for tonight...

DIY Acne sweater

on Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finished that one while ago. It was actually quite easy to make. Didn't even use any patterns, though that's probably the reason it turned out too big but I'm still satisfied. Use two different (mohair) yarns to achieve the effect;)

and the original one