Vidhu & Karun - Canada Loves England

on Friday, July 30, 2010

And the other way around, of course!
If you put Vidhu, Sonia Sajnani and Ioana together, this is what you're gonna get:
I was very busy at the groom's place:
A short Puja takes place:
Milni is full of love:
It's my first time at the Hindu Mandir of Bhartiya Cultural Society of Alberta and my first encounter with God Hanuman:
I couldn't find out what the big bell is for, but I like it:
Karun is waiting for his bride:
Fire is one of the main elements of the Hindu wedding ceremony:
Vidhu and Karun walk a few steps together:
This is the 7th one:
Then we go to a close by park and Vidhu walks a few more steps with her bride's maids:
And they swirl:
Sonia is really good at making people smile! She's not even trying:
Now Karun looks like he's having a good time, with his best man:
We're trying to stay away from the sun:
Back at Vidhu's place, the sign says welcome:
But Karun still has to pay to get inside:
Then he takes his bride to his place:
Traditionally, in India, the groom and the bride see each other for the first time on the wedding day, so they play a few games to get to know each other. This is something with cookies:
A pot with milk and rose petals is placed between the newly weds and several things are cast in it:
They untie each other's bracelets and throw them in the same pot:
And now they have to find a ring which is not even there:
Next day, before reception we take a few pictures in the parking lot:
A friend from Romania accused me that I personally choose the best looking couples to photograph and all the evidence proves her right:
You guessed right. That's a dry mount print with an image from our November engagement session Vidhu and Karun ordered for the reception entry:
The food is so good, it doesn't even make it to the table. By the way, I think I gained 5 kg last week alone....
I present you Mr. and Mrs. Gautam coming through the smoke:
The MC is non other than Ashish, Vidhu's twin brother:
Sounds like the best man had only the best things to say about Karun:
That's why everybody is laughing so hard:
The first dance:
A tip for future brides: a few lights make all the difference:
Sonia is a good dancer, too:
I have a feeling that Karun and his father in law are going to get along just fine:
Who says the music is too loud at an East-Indian party?
Davinder and Ioana got their groove on. Thank you Sharon for Ioana's outfit:
Susheel brought his dhol all the way from UK:
Congratulations Vidhu and Karun! Thank you for everything!