Rupi & Nav and Their East Indian Wedding

on Monday, June 28, 2010

An East Indian wedding is about sweets and money. They symbolize a sweet beginning for the new couple and a prosperous life together:
A delicate task:
Before leaving his home for the last time as an unmarried man:
Nav's family stays close to him in the Gurdwara:
Here comes the bride:
Back to Rupi's place. Here's the sweets again:
And the money:
We need more of that:
Yeah, much more:
That should do it:
Please come in:
We went to Hotel Macdonald for some pictures:
Before the reception, Rupi transforms with help from the talented Sonia Sajnani:
While Nav is finalising his speech:
A little bit of glamour for you:
An elegant framed print and a sign in book made with our engagement pictures is waiting for the guests:
Mr. and Mrs. are making their entrance:
First dance:
We'll be shooting Samita & Amrit's wedding next year:
The man of the day:
And his lady:
Thank you so much for everything Rupi and Nav!

Nihaal is Away from Home

on Saturday, June 26, 2010

He came all the way from Dallas, TX for his aunty's wedding.
And he brought his parents along.
It was great to meet you, guys! Hope to see you again in Texas!


on Friday, June 25, 2010

For first some announcements.
*I finally joined with tumblr world - Well, I still have to work on its appearance and atm there's quite few stuff. But there's gonna be some inspiration, everything I like, some of my own photos and so on. Feel free to follow;)

*Estonian make-up/hair artist Marii Sadrak showed me their new fashion editorial "Jutta's Breakfast" which was published on TheOnes2Watch (online magazine which is featuring the fashion industry’s up and coming photographers, stylists, hair/makeup artists, designers and more.) Well, I'm very proud of them and suggest you to check it out too - here. I also spotted the editorial on FashionCopius and AnotherMag.

And here's just one maxi dress I picked up today. It's very light I would work great as a beach cover-up.

/wearing: maxi dress - H&M, self-made spiked headband/

NB! If you comment and leave your email you have a chance to win CSNStores 40$ gift certificate. Read more - here.

Cosmin of AnefBerlin Photography on Willow Paper Works!

on Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exciting news, people! At least for me it is! And even my wife looks like she's having a good day.
As some of you might have figured it out by now, Cosmin is me and so is Cosmin Danila.
Willow Paper Works are the album guys I was looking for in the past 18 months, since I set foot in Canada! I was so happy when I found them, that I immediately send an order in. They were so happy, they sent the albums to me right away. Than I was happy again and after that it was my clients' turn to feel the same way when they got their wedding albums and the story just repeats itself from here on.
In one of those happy days, Francine offered to showcase my wedding photography on their website, so I got even happier! Like I said, it never ends! Go see Willow Paper Works and be happy, too!

random vol 3 + giveaway with CSN stores

on Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here comes bunch of photos - about nothing and everything.

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I listed up some more spiked headbands - here, because the last ones were sold out so quickly.

Before A went back to usa she left me bunch of old Russian Vogues. Now here they are - on my floor, no more free space on my shelves.

I made her this handjewelry (ring + bracelet or whatever you call it) as a goodbye gift.

new thrifted leather shorts

/wearing: hat - reserved, cardigan - thrift store, shoes - vagabond/

And don't forget to leave your email in case you want to take part of the giveaway. 
xx, I hope you're having a great summer time; )