Ravi & Gary - Sikh Wedding in Edmonton

on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ioana was at the bride's house in the morning. Sonia Sajnani makes sure Ravi looks ravi-shing:
I was at Gary's place:
He practiced horse back ridding in front of his house:
If you ask me nicely I'll tell you how I did this:
It's my first wedding at the beautiful Nanaksar Gurdwara, on the far north side of Edmonton:
The groom's family is dancing its way to the temple:
The milni ritual begins:
And this is how I took the picture above. Actually, I just wanted to show you my uniform:
This was my first Sikh wedding where the bride and groom greeted each other before they went into the temple, by exchanging garlands. Gary is playing hard to get. A little late for that I think:
Gary's brother definitely knows how to enjoy an event like this:
Ravi's brother is checking if the person leading his sister is the right one:
One final push:
What did I tell you about Gary's brother:
And he does it again. He changed the rings:
Tony, from Legends Limousine makes sure the wedding party is comfortable:
The secret to a successful marriage? Settle all the disputes right in the beginning:
Back at Ravi's house, Gary succeeds an unlawful entry:
But he's being punished in a terrible way:
And he has to start the negotiations over again:
He has one more secret weapon up his sleeve. Literally up his sleeve:
The reception was the next day and the guests are welcomed by a gorgeous canvas and a sign in book the coupe had made with our engagement photos:
They take their seats:
Young Punjabi dancers are being rewarded:
Tossing money can be done in style:
Where's a bucket when you need one?
Dia and Hannah are having an affair right there, in front of everybody:
The anticipation:
First dance:
Same dance:
Different dance:
Completely different dance - jaago:
My competition. They start so young now:
Congratulations Ravi and Gary! You are awesome!