on Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometime I feel like I take way too many random, pointless photos that my computer's memory has almost run out. but 14GB is still left=) (out of 300GB). Here are  only some of them. 

my desk back in February and still looks the same

ear cuffs

choosing clothes for the photo shoot

Karlie and some ears

But now I'm off to Tallinn for the weekend and hopefully I'm back on Sunday with some good news;)

DIY Miu miu collar

on Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This time I stole my DIY idea from Crushable.com . But who doesn't love Miu Miu?
I share some photos of the work-in-process with you though it's probably not very hard to figure out how to make that collar yourself.

*print out or draw yourself some swallows (or cats, daisys, naked lady) and use those as stencil. 

*cut the collar off a old men's shirt

*draw swallows on the collar, first with pencil and the with fabric marker (follow the instruction written on the marker's package).

*and you're done! well, my swallows don't look the most perfect ones but who cares;) 

Rupi & Nav - The Black & White of Love

on Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Congratulations Rupi and Nav! Thank you for being yourselves!
I can't wait for our wedding in June!

ReUse Republic


As I told you there's was a Reuse Republic fair in Tartu on last weekend. Everything went great.. I think. I decided to share some photos with you.

And I even managed to find time for making two more ear cuffs, here they are:

redesigned jewelry by Helen Valk

I fell in love with this military inspired shirt made out of a old men's shirt (by Anna Aksjonova)

jewelry made out of old vinyl records

and fancy blouse redesigned by Kirill Safonov

Glamour India - My Precious

on Saturday, April 24, 2010

You like what you see?
Well, all this stuff and much more is now available in Edmonton and beyond!
At Naveen's new Glamour India jewelry and accessory store.
She's going to have a website up soon, but until than you can check the affordable prices on Glamour India facebook page.
As you might guess, knowing my name has some benefits.
Naveen has a sweet offer for you: If you mention my name you get a huge 15 % off all your orders. This is valid for one month, until the 24th of May 2010.
But wait! If you call right now . . . . it would actually be weird, because I didn't give you the number yet.
Here it is: 780 264 8539. Naveen will be more than happy to assist you!
Don't forget to practice spelling my name before you call! OK, let's do it together: C-O-S-M-I-N D-A-N-I-L-A

Sharon & Gary - Wedding Day

on Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A long beautiful day is ahead of us.
Sharon is having her makeup done with help from the awesome Susan Gill, who turned Ioana into the most beautiful dead chick last Halloween:
The Teddy Bears are going to miss her:
Everybody is getting ready:
At Gary's place, operation turban has been initiated:
Specialised instruments like a fork are used for the final touches. In the unlikely event of not having a fork in the house, you can use a spoon, as well:
Gary is leaving the house:
Up in the limo:
He's holding onto his sword, waiting for the milni ritual in front of the Gurdwara:
Just like everybody who enters the temple, the groom is paying his respects before Sri Guru Granth Sahib:
The most emotional part of the Anand Karaj - the Sikh marriage ceremony - is when the father of the bride gives her away. He places one end of the palla - a turban long red scarf that Gary is wearing over his shoulder - into Sharon's hands to hold:
Sharon's brothers are ushering her:
Legends Limousine prepared a red carpet for the newly weds:
And bubbly. Well, it was really hot outside and we had to keep hydrated one way or the other.
Let's just say it was a very enjoyable ride to our portrait session:
The lipstick incident:
The stealing of the groom's shoes episode never gets old, but it always takes me and the groom by surprise:
We got lucky with a gorgeous carriage from MP Stables and the cab man who was extremely kind to let us take some interesting pictures:
We're back at Sharon's house, where Gary is trying to pay a ransom for his bride:
The Doli is a very emotional affair for the bride's family. As she departs from her parents' house, she throws handful of rice over her shoulder, thereby wishing prosperity for her parents and family, which she leaves behind:
Mom is saying goodbye along with the rest of the family:
The reception is in the same evening at Days Inn in West Edmonton: By the entrance, two familiar faces are welcoming the guests:
We took a few more pics with the new outfits in the lobby:
The cake toppings are just sick (Sikh):
So, here's my main problem: all summer I'll be photographing East Indian weddings and the food is always too good and too much. In this case, it was catered by Daawat. I may not fit in any of my clothes by the time winter comes:
We had great entertainers from Gurman Dance Academy:
The first dance:
And the next dance:
And the next:
And so on, bhangra all night long:
Congratulations Sharon and Gary! Thank you for the amazing time!