on Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yesterday I found a really cool leather backpack from thrift store. Yes, I know, I already have one (seen here) which look almost the same. But I just love detailing of this one - silver buckles, studs and zipper on the back.

I See Beautiful People 3 - Angels 2009

on Friday, February 26, 2010

You really have to see this one! If it doesn't melt your heart away, you're not human. Period. Even if I stopped taking pictures right now, I feel like I did my part. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to freeze time for a beautiful moment in your lives!


on Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winner of the CSN stores giveaway is Becky, congratulations!

Oh.. what can I say... Everything I'm working on at the moment is somehow related with my collection for the fashion contest (pleace recommend me some good songs to use on the runway, not very slow ones but something catchy). So I can't show you anything at the moment :D But I still have little bit time to check some new collections at fall/winter 2010/11 fashion weeks. Paris and Milan fashion weeks are still coming but I've already spotted some trends and found my favourite things. Here are some inspiration boards I made.

Shearling jackets



Oh and please answer the poll I added to the sidebar. I need to find out average age of my blog readers. Thank you for answering;)

Zaryn, the Champ

on Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zaryn reserved The Palace for his 1st Birthday little gathering - around 300 people:
His sister, Syah warmed up to me and I'm sure we'll be good friends by the time she gets married:
All his buddies were there:
The bounce castle was extremely popular:
The kids even had their own exclusive buffet line:
Jalebi is a deep-fried treat originating in the Indian Subcontinent and this is the first time I witnessed the making of:
In a few years, Zaryn is going to be as big as his birthday cake:
It's a Punjabi party:
That means there's dancing:
Lots of it:So good to meet Jaz & Rav again. They still own the dance floor:
Ioana got all the way into Punjabi mood:
Happy 1st Birthday Zaryn!
We wish you a life full of happiness!

Wedding Photography 2011 and Beyond

on Friday, February 19, 2010

We are now booking weddings for 2011 and even 2001 if you provide a time machine. All wedding photography deals include a big hug*
To discuss customised packages and pricing options that fit your unique event, please don't hesitate to contact AnefBerlin Photography Studio. Well, studio is a bit of a fancy name. It's just me! I'm your guy! And this is the studio's my email: cosmindanilaphoto[at]gmail[dot]com
Feel free to call my secretary's number: 780 455 6181. Until I hire a secretary, I'll answer the phone, as well. I can't wait to hear from you!

* The size and duration of the hug is subject to change without notice.
** Please ask your doctor if hug is good for you.
*** A huge thanks to Ioana from Ionela Boriceanu Photography for the picture above!

Happy Dragobete ... All the Way from Romania

on Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dragobete is the traditional Romanian day that celebrates Love. It used to be on the 24th of February. In the last decade Valentine's Day slowly took its place. Like everything else imported, it's more cool and it has a different flavour I guess... Guess how I felt when I found out that Lucia Reich used my pictures to write an article celebrating Love? Well, I felt ... Love! Check it out: Informal.

My Nya is 1

on Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nya is extremely special and dear to me for a bunch of reasons. Among other things she's my very first Canadian client and she'll always be! Her 1st birthday bash is the 4th occasion I had the absolute joy to meet her beautiful family. Sonia and Dave put 3 of our framed pictures next to the sign in guest book by the entrance at the hall in Mill Woods Golf Course:
Just in case you have a hard time remembering, here you go: Nya 1 , Nya 2 and Nya 3.
You know it's gonna be a great party if the cupcakes don't even make it to the original table arrangement:
" mmm... is that the Canon 5D Mark II with a 21 megapixel CMOS full frame sensor? Good choice! "
The place looked just . . . well you have eyes:
All Nya's friends came to wish her:
Maya still loves the Oilers. It's all she talked about throughout the entire afternoon:
Thanks to Fred Moscicki from Zoo 2 U, the birthday girl made some new exotic friends:
How I met your turtle - starring Roman, Arman, Josh and the Box Turtle:
The Pygmy Chameleon came all the way from Madagascar to show us some sick moves:
Godzilla - Episode 1:
For some reason, everybody is waiting for this part:
Happy Birthday Little Princess!
Thank you so much for making me a part of your beautiful life!