on Saturday, October 31, 2009

I love Rodarte. Their knittings look amazing, like spiderwebs in magnificent colours. Mhh.. and I have to admit I love knitting, it's great activity while watching TV, okay I feel myself like granny now, only lock curlers are missing. So today I bought eight different tones of mohair yarn to make my own Rodarte inspired sweater,cardigan or dress. I haven't decided yet...

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photos: rodartefashion/colette/ShinyStyle/tfs

Ma armastan Rodartet, nende kudumid on imelised, nagu ämblikuvõrgud maailma kõige ilusamates toonides. Mhh pean tunnistama.., et armastan ka kudumist. Seda on mõnus teha näiteks samal ajal telekat vaadates, okei.. ma tunnen end nüüd väga vana mammina, ainult lokirullid veel puudu. Igaljuhul täna ostsin ma kaheksa erinevat tooni mohäärlõnga, et kududa endale Rodartest inspireeritud kampsun/kardigan/kleit. Ma pole veel otsustanud milline neist siis.

Picture of the Month - October

on Friday, October 30, 2009

I know you like this, so here's some more awesomeness:
A huge thanks to the incredibly talented make-up artist Susan Gill!
Happy Halloween everyone! Have a horror weekend!

Neeru & Anil - Wedding Day

on Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Neeru was ready at 7 in the morning and Ioana took a few pictures:
I was with the boys, at the Courtyard Hotel:

Anil receives his allowance from his father. He's gonna need it later!
Final retouches before entering the hall:

These are 100 Rupee banknotes brought all the way from India! About 200 of them:
No entry without fees! Jinney and all the bride's family is waiting for Anil:
The groom is calling for back up:
Finally he takes his seat and waits for his bride to be:

This greeting was original! Both Neeru and Anil were lifted in the air by their respective brothers/cousins for exchanging the garlands:
This is the part when Anil agrees to let Neeru buy all the makeup and clothes she wants:
The sixth step:
I do like a challenge and the location for the portrait session provided an interesting one! The cold winds drove us into a Hospital:
Sunita Sumaru did it again:

They changed for the reception:
A beautiful canvas is waiting the guests at the hall. It's one of the couple's favorite pictures from our e-session in Spring:

The moment they stepped on the dance floor, the newly weds started to break it down:

It was RDB's and music producer Patwant's fault:
I guess this is the chair dance:

Singh is King:

I always wondered what happens with the money that flies in the air...
Well, it goes on the floor... And from there to charity. And by charity I mean the kids present. The fastest of them:
The sisters are gonna miss each other.
Like 3 of my brides before, Neeru is leaving Edmonton for good after the wedding! I start to see a pattern here. I hope it's not me!

Crying wolves


Made those photos last night when everything was still OK, starring with my new wolf t-shirt. In one way it's quite tacky but in the other it's my alternative for Christopher Kane gorilla tees. And I'm lovin' it. And I love my school holiday too, until tonight. Now I'm going to talk you about the bad luck. Everything went so great - on Monday I received interview request from Vogue.com, yesterday press request from Romanian fashion magazine THE ONE, today I won two VIP invitations for RIGA FASHION WEEK. It's on the Thursday and Friday. I thought it's a dream, but it isn't - my first fashion week (hopefully not the last one). Now comes the bad part - I've a really high fever and head cold. So I had to cancel it. Why do things like that happen to me? Sorry about the negative post but actually everything besides that is great. ok now I need some sleep.