Anika Loves Mommy

on Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And mommy loves Anika!

Don't get twisted

on Sunday, September 27, 2009

New pair of zipper earrings. Actually I'm having lot of orders for older items (bracelets and rings) so I'm probably not making anything new in a while ;s.
Earrings are available - here

Frozen and glamorous


Yesterday I was very bored so I went to attic and found some bags full of old clothes. Best found was probably those emerald green velvet shorts. Those are really soft and cosy. Plus I found grey 7/8 trousers, fur scarf and lot of warm gloves.
Photoshot wasn't very successful, least I tried to teach my 9-years old sister how to take photographs. She has to work on composition :D

/I'm wearing: sequined blouse, grey leggings, golden chain, bag - thrifted, boots - Vagabond, velvet shorts - found from home/

/I'm wearing: velvet shorts and fur scarf - found from home, zipper bag - Monton, random golden chains, tank top and leggings - thirfted/

Hands full of metal

on Saturday, September 26, 2009

/wearing random chains and watches/
Today was probably the most boring Saturday forever. Though I had big "to do" list: do homeworks, read "Three Musketeers", make jewelry orders, organise my closet, make some photos... I have lack of motivation, it's terrible :D Only things that cheer me up are Milan Fashion Week, new episodes of Gossip Girl, the fact I'm going to get one package by mail soon. And my searches of perfect mint green nail polish ended - I mixed it of yellow, blue and white nail polish by myself. 
Ok,  that lack of motivation and enthusiasm drives me crazy. What to do?
Recommend me some good inspiring blogs, sites, songs and movies:)

Jasmin & Tony - Love is All Around


...I mean is round.....I mean....just take a look at the pictures!

My favorite:

No, wait, I think this one is my favorite:

Forget that! It's definitely this one:
Hmmm... You know what? It looks like I have more favorites than usual...

And this is another one:
And another one:
Jasmin and Tony are very close to get the title of the most creative and open couple! I dare you to challenge that!
Thank you guys! You can get out now! You've been awesome! I can't wait for our wedding next year!

Sabina & Ujal Walked the Seven Steps Together

on Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the morning, incense is placed outside the front door of the groom's house to welcome guests:
Puja - in Hinduism - is a religious ritual performed as an offering to various deities. In this case is about 2 hours long:
A little history lesson: the swastika - from Sanskrit svastika - is a more than 3000 year old symbol meaning any lucky or auspicious object. It remains widely used in Hinduism and Jainism:
Sabina is one of the 10 to 12 million followers of Jainism, one of the smallest of the major world religions, but with a great influence in India.Kiran Brar is doing her make up and mom looks happy with the result. White is the traditional wedding color for Jains.
In the parking lot of the BMO Centre ( the former Roundup Centre) , Frosty, the blueyed horse from Authentic Western Productions, is waiting for the groom:
Ujal is being held by the entrance:
For him this is a good opportunity to start the party:
Everybody joins in:
Finally, he's up on the horse:
The procession commence and mom and dad are leading the way:
Ujal is welcomed by Sabina's family and the priest:
And he takes his sit in the hall:
Here comes the bride:
And the groom behaves like any real man in his place:
Ioana took this pic in the beginning of the ceremony:
Prostate cancer took Sabina's dad 3 years ago, but his spirit was present everywhere
Yogurt and honey:
Reader Rock Garden is a beautiful location close by:
Having so much fun:
In the evening we get back to the BMO Centre. A beautiful poster in the lobby brings back memories:
The Palomino Room looks different:
Kissing games seem to be the rage:
Ash and Av were simply great as MCs! They made my day:
The first dance, but not the first tear:
Yeap, he can do that and I can take a picture:
This is how Sabina and Ujal numbered the tables. There's an official investigation going on right now as who had first the idea, them or us: