Maya is the Newest Oilers' Fan

on Monday, August 31, 2009

She didn't really have a choice...
The new Fall collection:
Mom and dad wondering when are they ever gonna get a good night sleep ....

DIY time

on Sunday, August 30, 2009

Louis Vuitton black paper chain padlock necklace - 1200$ /12 500 EEK / 700 GBP

And DIY Louis Vuitton paper chain necklace - almost free. I cut out wide ribbons from old black leather and then used the stapler to close the ribbons.

Camyland show


Camyland (store, where I sell the jewelry i've designed) had a little fashion show in Friday.
I was one of the models and all my outfits (plus the jewelry and bags) were so cool. Now they also sell some clothes from Piret Ilves ( collection too - electric blue and pink capes, coats and felt hats. I'm thinking about buying - those knee highs

Reedel oli Camylandil Taskus väike moeshow. Ma olin seekord üks modellidest.
Pean tunnistama, et kõik riided näevad seljas palju paremad välja kui riidepuudel rippudes, kuigi ma nendes hingata ei saanud. Just sel päeval saabusid müüki ka mõned asjad Piret Ilvese ( kollektsioonidest - nt elektrisinised ja roosad mantlid, keebid ning vildist kaabud ja kübarad. Ma tahaks endale neid Piret Ilvese põlvikud

So here is something from the backstage:
Hats and blue cape by Piret Ilves

/I'm wearing: Hat - Piret Ilves/Camyland,  zipper dress worn as skirt - thrifted, blouse - thirfted,  jacket - Lindex, necklace - DIY Louis Vuitton Paper chain necklace/ 

Pink jacket by Diana Kurves..(?) I'm not sure actually ;s. But it was super nice.

Navneet & Bick - Love Story

on Saturday, August 29, 2009

Navneet wanted different colors for her wedding outfit:
As usual, Sunita was there in the morning to help:
Her engagement ring still tastes like martini since our photo shoot in spring.
The groom arrives at the Gurdwara. Nice wheels!
The Milni ceremony in front of the temple:
Bick takes his new wife home:
I have to gather more info on the milk ritual by the entrance:
The newly weds booked a room at Hotel Macdonald.
So we took a few pictures around.
What's a bride without text messaging?
The reception was in the same evening , so they changed
Nav's brother is giving a speech:
Lucky's crew started the party:
I know what you're thinking! Photoshop, right? Wrong! Just camera skills!
Enjoy your life together!