Deepi is Getting Married

on Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mehndi Ceremony

Look at all the house decorations:
Deepi prepared compilations for all the events
As usual, all the girls are getting Mehndi done
A mix of lemon juice and sugar is applied on the fresh henna, so it gets darker:
The grooms name - Chaz - is hidden somewhere in the design and he'll have to find it:
I should make a list with all the things you can't do while having your mehndi done. Answering your future husband's call is one of them:
But there's always help:
The Maiya
The Jaago

The Choora

My second East-Indian wedding, my second meeting with Sunita Sumaru. I think she's following me...
The grooms family shows up for a quick visit:
The girls offer high quality entertainment

DIY Paris Vogue Cover


This is the real result of the photoshot we had one day. Eva did her own version of Paris Vogue June/July 09 cover with Anja Rubik. Of course Anja looks way more better than me.

nothing ever changes


Okay, It supposed to be post about my weekend, but it's mainly about this weekend thrift scores. There weren't any other shops... First stop was in Pärnu - I just walked and walked.. until I found one and the only thrift store. I spent all my money and bought navy cardigan and white blouse with buttons.


From Haapsalu's thrift store I got new almost-perfect leather jacket (ignore my not-matching shoes). Also I got too-strict-for-me and I-don't-have-matching-shoes classical black dress for free.

White shirt with fancy collar

I have 8 more garments than I had before this trip, so I had complications with packing.

It was weekend with sea, berries, rain, new clotes and sun. Tomorrow I'm going to dance camp, which is 7 days full of dancing, wearing boring training clothes, sleeping on an air mattress, eating noodles and drinking water..