Picture of the Month - July

on Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guess who's behind flag number 1 ?
Happy Canada Day Everyone!

Charn & Jassie - Wedding - Day 4


Charn started to get ready at 4.30 in the morning
Edmonton Wedding Photography
The jewelry box
The make up was done by the talented Sunita Sumaru
Charn helps her mom with the bindi
Ambica, the bride's best friend
A quick bite in the limo, on our way to the temple
Meanwhile Ioana was at the hotel with the groom and his family
And he arrives at the Gurdwara (Guru's Home)
The ceremony starts
The ring
A short photo session with the boys and the girls in the U of A campus
Back at Charn's house The girls are ready for tough negotiations. They are not gonna give the bride away easily
But the groom's family has weapons of mass destruction
Doli ceremony: the bride is ready to leave her parents house for good.
Everybody is saying goodbye
The bride's cousins/brothers are pushing the car away
We used the last moments of daylight for a few portraits
We miss you guys!
Have a beautiful life together! Hope to see you in Vancouver some day!

Charn - Maiya and Choora - Day 3

on Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another long day ahead
This picture is open to interpretations:
The mother's side of the family is trying to buy their way into the house
They bring presents. I personally like this label:
The Maiya begins
The family rubs a turmeric, chana flour and oil mix over Charn's body. This is all the make up she is getting today.
Choora: the maternal uncles dip the wedding bangles in milk and then put them on the bride's hands
Then some new tradition took place and all the ladies enjoyed it
Everybody is waiting for the groom's family:
While the bride was hiding and having some fun with the camera: