Who's Next?

on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I couldn't dream of better models for my first photo shoot in Canada! Meet Anda, Rick and their incredibly sweet daughter, Ava.
Who's next? Ava's sister is next!
Isn't this a gorgeous family?
Well, we live in their house, so I had to say that!
Just kidding!
All together now: ahhhhhhhh! 100% original.
Pregnant and loving it!

Idiot's Guide to Immigration

on Monday, September 29, 2008

Less than three weeks ago we took a deep breath and a big step across the Ocean, from Brasov, Romania to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Reason? Immigration! Reason for that? It's a long story, but go live in Romania for a while and you'll understand! Anyways, in case anyone has the same agenda, here are 5 simple steps, easy to follow. Everything can be done in 1 day!

Step 1 (1.00 am): pack your suitcases and don't go over the weight limit, but make sure to take some warm clothes, otherwise Canada may seem an unfriendly country.

Step 2 (1.30 am): say goodbye to your hometown and country and try to hide those tears.

Step 3 ( 7.00 am): get in the plane, sit back and enjoy the gourmet food in the economy class.

Step 4 (9.00 pm): once off the plane don't forget to pick up your luggage, otherwise you packed all those warm clothes for nothing. Step 5 (9.30 pm): enjoy your final destination!